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 Hi, I'm Adrianna

...and I'm really excited you are here! As an expert in the beauty profession for over a decade I have spent countless hours connecting with women about identity, relationships, marriage, family, beauty, nutrition, and wholeness. People matter to me and bringing a level of professionalism, integrity, authenticity, and of course passion to my work is what matters most. Hair has always been one of my first loves! I vividly remember sweeping hair off the floor of my dad’s shop (yes, hair salons were called "the shop” back in the 80’s & 90’s)  for a buck or two from a very young age. I always had that "entrepreneurial spirit” in me, as some may say. My creative eye and attention to detailed carried me into the full time world of hairstyling; gaining experience in cut and colour in salons all around Toronto. Four years ago that “entrepreneurial spirit” got kicked into high gear as I created my own mobile hair and makeup business. But before that, my passion for holistic nutrition was birthed through a life changing experience. This lead me into truly seeing the value of  beauty as well as total body, mind, and spirit wellness as a lifestyle. My whole Be Wholehearted journey had begun.


Within this community I can guarantee every interaction we have comes from a place of love and service. Each and everyone of you has a gift to offer to this world. 


Can’t wait to meet you!


Building Wholehearted connections with each client is very important as all services being offered involves open communication and trust. We value people, relationships, and community. You can count on us!


Wholehearted Standard

Leading with loyalty and integrity we promise to deliver a standard of excellence through each service offered. Our “beauty from within” motto will empower each of you to tap into the HEART and see beauty for what it truly is.

Skilled Professionals

Our passion, professionalism, and timely manner ensures each service is delivered with creativity and love. Each beauty artist is not only seasoned with years of hands on experience but deeply care about their work. 

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